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10.5 kg Tumor Removed From 10-yr Old Girl’s Ovary In GB Hospital

GBP Medical stuff and health workers have once again registered a major success and saved a life of a 10 years old girl. In an hour long surgery doctors anesthetist nurses and technicians successfully removed a 10.5 kg tumor from the ovary of the girl. The operation brought adulations from all quarters of the society. The 10 years old girl of kachigang area in Killa hails from a financially weak family. She experienced abdominal bloating which remained unabated and caused huge discomfort. She couldn’t intake food in adequate quantity resulting weight loss. As the report of echocardiography was satisfactory, doctors decided to perform surgery on her on first week of December. Total 10 Doctors nurses and technicians conducted an hour long surgery and removed a 10.5 kg weighted tumor. Such tumor can be found only in 2.6 girls before their menstruation starts out of one lakh girls in thar sense the surgery was a critical one. After remaining under medical supervision for several days the girl was discharged from the hospital with a smile.

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