10,281 Suicides by Farmers….NCRB Report

“If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation.”…Once upon a time this was the main theme of india and Indians. Now days it’s seems nothing but a proverb. Why? Just a simple data released by National Crime Record Bureau, NCRB, very recently is just ‘Shocking.’ According to the NCRB total 10,281 farmers Suicides in last year. They are farmers, cultivators and agricultural labourers. Maharashtra accounted for the highest share (38.2%) in suicides related to the farm sector in last yesr, followed by Karnataka (19.4%), Andhra Pradesh (10%), Madhya Pradesh (5.3%) and Telangana/Chhattisgarh (4.9% each), Reports NCRB. Now what is the reason of these suicides? According to the National Crime Record Bureau, farmers suicides based on causes such as farm distress, crop failure, family problems etc. But according to the, ADSI 2019 report claims it contains details of farmer’s suicides by causes, social status, educational status, also. But this data has not been put out. Why? ‘God Knows.’ Earlier in reply to a Parliament question, the home ministry had stated that it was untenable to record reasons for farm suicides with many states reporting ‘nil’ suicides. Well, No more Controversy. But must say, govt. should take composite plan for the batterment of the breadwinner.

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