10323: Govt Should Think…..

10323 issue is turning into a “movement chapter” in Tripura’s political and social history. At least 100 people including 87 teachers and 17 security personnel in clashes in Agartala on Wednesday. Around 223 teachers were arrested. Security personnel dismantled the tents in which thousands of teachers of the state government were organising a sit-in protest since the last 52 days. These teachers have lost their jobs following the court’s verdict. Police used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the teachers assembled. Police vehicles were damaged. Two cases have been filed against the teachers. Opposition Communist Party of India-Marxist, Congress  and other political parties condemned Wednesday’s incident, saying that the baton charge on teachers was nothing but barbaric. Ruling BJP has alleged that the agitation is backed by CPI-M. BJP spokesman Nabendu Bhattacharjee said, “Though the teachers have lost their jobs following the court’s verdict government is making alternative arrangements for them. Only few hundred teachers with political purpose are organizing agitations.” Former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar said that on earlier occasions courts have terminated the teachers however the Left Front government had created 13,000 posts to accommodate the teachers. “BJP prior to assembly polls in 2018 Assembly polls had promised to regularise their jobs however nothing was done”. Congress also condemned the incident and the action taken by police. Senior Congress leader Birjit Sinha condemned lathi charge of police on the teachers. Now, there is no doubt that in political point of view it’s already an ‘issue’. According to the social point, the terminated teachers are also the part of our society. Their families are also fighting in this critical condition. Government should think and must come forward with a positive frame of mind to resolve this matter as early as possible before it turn into a BIGGY.

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