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10323 JMC Moved High Court Seeking Permission To Resume Movement

The terminated teachers of Tripura on Saturday moved to the High Court of Tripura after the Tripura Police denied them permission to resume their sit-in demonstration in front of Agartala City Centre from February 3 last. Speaking with reporters, Ajoy Debbarma, leader of the Joint Movement Committee (JMC), said a petition seeking permission from the Sadar Sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) was submitted but the police denied permission. “The terminated teachers were protesting peacefully for 51 days in front of Agartala City centre, but on the 52nd day the police broke inside the tents and detained the teachers forcibly,” Debbarma said. Another teacher, Dipankar Debbarma, said that they were brutally attacked and thrashed by the police personnel on January 27. “Around 5:30 am, Section 144 was imposed and immediately all the belongings of the 10,323 teachers were seized including the donation box. The tents were dismantled and the belongings were taken away by the police,” Dipankar said. He also said that the male police thrashed the female teachers on that very day which led to injuries of many. The teachers have also filed a petition with the Tripura Human Rights Commission seeking justice for the teachers. “We have come to the High Court against the undemocratic move of the state police and administration. As per Article 19, every citizen in the country has the right to protest which has been violated by the state,” Dipankar said. On January 27, after the protest turned violent, a total of 87 people were injured while trying to stop the movement of terminated teachers. Among them, 70 are teachers and 17 police personnel. Out of those 17 police personnel, six are female police personnel.

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