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‘10323’ Launched Signature Campaign. Stir To Enter 13th Day Tomorrow

The agitation, launched by the terminated school teachers of Tripura, entered the 12 th day on Friday and they launched a signature campaign on Agartala demanding their jobs back. A total of 10,323 teachers, who were terminated by the Tripura government as per the directives issued by the High Court and Supreme Court, launched their agitation on December 7, 2020. On Friday noon, the protesting teachers took to the street in the state capital and start the signature campaign to mark their protest. Through the campaign they wanted to show how many of the terminated teachers are in agitation as the education minister said only a few teachers are protesting and all the 10,323 teachers have not joined the agitation. “It is very unfortunate that the teachers have been compelled to agitate and they are on the road for the last 11 days. But the state government has not shown any decency to talk with them.” said Bimal Saha a leader of the teachers. “The government is checking our tolerance but we are protesting for the last 10 days. We are protesting amid a tough situation under the open sky day and night. But we have received no response from the government so far,” said another leader Dalia Das. Next time, we will have to go for an undemocratic protest,” said a terminated teacher participating in the signature campaign. Meanwhile, Tripura education minister Ratanlal Nath said, “Let the 10,323 teachers do anything, let them block road”, but the BJP-led government can not engage them in the teaching jobs again.

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