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‘10323’ One More Teacher Died Prematurely On Wednesday. Toll Stands At 102

Premature death toll of 10323 teachers have risen to 102 as one more teacher has passed away on Wednesday. The deceased Himangsu Sutradhar who was suffering from severe diseases recently appealed to Tripura Govt for help as medical expenditure turned unbearable. But no response came from the State Govt and on Wednesday finally he died in GB hospital. Reacting over the death of Himansu Sutradhar, 10323 Joint Movement Committee said, “We are really word-less today and practically have no word to express our grief. We have lost 102 colleagues and we really don’t know how to react. We are appealing to the State Govt again and again to show some humanity but after 102 deaths also, not a single statement came from the Govt. When will the CM and Education Minister wake up from their sleep ? Today, Himangsu Da died without treatment even after telling the Govt again and again to help him. Many teachers have committed suicide and many teachers are ill”.  “Two meals are not possible to manage. In this pandemic situation, why is the Govt not even giving us some allowances ? How many deaths does the Govt need to wake up ? This Govt is inhuman. Where is your promise given before the 2018 election ? Why can’t you fulfill your own promise now ? Please, help us immediately by keeping your words”, Kamal Deb a JMC member added.

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