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10323 Teachers Incident: CPIM Condemned BJP’s Allegations

The CPI (M) state secretariat has strongly condemned the statement made by BJP spokespersons Subrata Chakraborty and Nabendu Bhattacharjee attributing the naked police assault on peaceful sit-in strike of the retrenched 10,323 teachers in front of the City Centre on January 27. In a statement the CPI (M) state secretariat described the statement of the BJP spokespersons as ‘totally false, baseless and malicious” . Speaking on the issue highly placed sources in the party said that the left front had arranged alternative jobs for the 10,323 teachers by creating 13 thousand non-teaching posts but before the recruitment process could be initiated a senior BJP leader who is currently outside the state took Debasish Paul Chowdhury of Charilam area to Delhi to file a contempt petition in the supreme court to thwart the process of recruitment to non-teaching posts . Since the assembly election was approaching fast there was nothing the left front could do to rehabilitate the teachers.
“But what about the BJP ? Before the assembly election BJP had promised in vision document to resolve the problem of livelihood of 10,323 teachers from a humanitarian view and two and half years later the chief minister himself promised to resolve the problem within two months in October last year but did nothing ; it was only after the two month period had ended that the retrenched teachers launched their sit-in most peacefully but the government launched a brutal police assault on a most peaceful and democratic movement and perpetrated untold atrocities on them; now they are blaming the CPI (M) but no man or woman of the state will believe this myth” said highly placed sources in the CPI (M).

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