10323, The Ultimatum, And The Govt Attitude…….

The terminated 10,323 teachers have served a four-day ultimatum to the Tripura government on Friday; and threatened to intensify their protests if it fails to solve the issue related to their illegal termination. In a letter addressed to the Chief Minister, the Joint Movement Committee (JMC), a body of the sacked 10,323 teachers said they had been peacefully demonstrating for the past 48 days leaving their families aside ”only with the aim of restoring our job, which were illegally terminated by education department, government of Tripura.” The letter also cited that several representations were given by delegates of JMC to the director and secretary of education, seeking clarification regarding technical irregularities and discrepancies of judgements passed by the High Court and Supreme Court, which were wrongly misinterpreted by the said department. “…after so much of pitiful demonstration, the department did not feel it befitting to clarify the simple memorandum submitted to the respected secretary madam and respected Director sir, JMC 10323 presume that the mystery of its crux is still undisclosed, which had no conclusions and solutions,” the letter reads. Speaking with reporters, Ajay Debbarma, leader of JMC said that they met with the education secretary Saumya Gupta and apprised her about the situation following the termination and sought a reply within a week. “Now that we have waited for many days and the protest has entered its 49th day, we will change the way of protest from Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh’s path,” said Debbarma. He also said that they would wait until January 25 and decentralise their protest after that. “We will be compelled to take mass agitation, which will be historic. The teachers will blockade the national highway and railways, for which the State and administration would be responsible.” told 10323 JMC. Now the most significant matter is government attitude. Till now there is no response from the government side as per the information. As this is not any political movement state government has to think twice to use force to stop this movement. Moreover as the teachers are fighting for their feed they can go for the ‘extreme.’ Definitely government should take step to solve the matter before it go for a ‘Biggy.’

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