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11 Localities Jointly Blockade Road In Gandachhera Demanding Water, Power

People from total 11 locality including Bhagirath, Puran Dalpati, Hatimatha, Karn Kishore etc holds the road blockade in Gandachhera under Dhalai district on Thursday morning, keeping several demands including roads, electricity, drinking water, health, education.

On this day, the road blockers blocked the Gandachhera-Ambasa and Gandachra-Amarpur roads, leaving their village at Dakbungalow Chowmuhani in Gandachhera. 

The road blockers said that the development work has been stalled for a long time in these 11 locality. There are no good roads, no proper electricity facility here.

“As a result drinking water sources are impaired. Not only that, starting from education, the health system is in shambles. Development work has been stalled in tribal areas especially for the last two to three years. So we are forced to participate in the road blockade today” they said. 

Meanwhile, officials of various departments including DCM of Gandachhera subdivision rushed to the spot after receiving the news of the road blockade. The officials assured to take necessary measures to fulfill their demands after long discussions with the road blockers. 

Then the road blockers lifted the road blockaed. 

On this day many vehicles got stuck on both sides of the road as a result of the road blockade.

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