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13 Rohingyas Detained In Churaibari By Assam Police

Detention of thirteen Rohingya Muslims in the Assam side of Churaibatri has created a question about the performance of Tripura police as they crossed the interstate border after traveling long-distance inside this state. They were detected by Assam police during a regular check of passenger buses at Assam side of Churaibari that includes some women and children. Police recovered Bangladeshi and Indian currency and some other materials from them. They were p[roduced before a local court at Karimgunj. Manoranjan Sinha, officer-in-Charge of Bazaricherra Police Station in Assam told the reporters that they were detained as they don’t have any legal document for entering into India. During interrogation in the Bazari Chera Police station they admitted to coming from Rohingya Refugee Camp at Cox Bazar in Bangladesh and crossed the border via Agartala. They were traveling by a Night Superbus to go to Guwahati but claimed that their ultimate destination was Jammu and Kashmir where their relatives reside. Police is verifying their statements. What surprises the security officials is that these suspicious people entered into India and traveled long way till Dharmanagar crossing several Police Station areas but nobody intercepted them.

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