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144 In Agartala Till Diwali: “Govt Fears Public Voice. Trying To Chock Them” Said Opposition

The opposition CPI (M) Congress and Trinamool Congress lashed out at the ADM’s circular banning political programmes in Sadar subdivision. ”

Government lost the support from the mass as they are intensifying the movement for their common livelihood. This order will chock the public voice” said CPIM. The main opposition party also demands immediate withdrawal of this order.

In a brazen attempt to sabotage all political programmes by the opposition parties the ruling BJP government which is already considerably isolated from people has clamped down prohibitory orders under section 144 in Sadar subdivision from 6-00 am Tuesday morning to midnight of November 4 on Sadar police subdivision (East and West Agartala police stations) to prevent likely breakdown of law and order situation because of agitational programmes that may be held by political parties.

The circular signed by ADM (West) Rajiv Dutta was issued yesterday at night and the ICA department was directed to make the widest possible publicity of the contents.

As per the circular any kind of meeting , procession and public gathering in Sadar police subdivision is prohibited during the stipulated period. It also made it clear that anyone violating the circular will be prosecuted under Section 188 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and provisions of disaster management act-2005.

This ex parte order has ostensibly been passed to ensure public peace and tranquility and is addressed general public. The superintendent of police (west) has been entrusted with the responsibility to enforce the order.

However , the order issued by the toothless administration at the behest of political authority in government has triggered a serious reaction with the senior Trinamool leader and former MLA Subal Bhowmik describing the circular as ‘Trinamool specific and a travesty of democracy’.

“This government is now totally isolated from people and they are deliberately suppressing the democratic rights of people by making a mockery of democracy” said Subal. He however asserted that the BJP government will not be able to curb the growth of Trinamool by resorting to ‘dirty tricks’ and questioned the unruly BJP gathering on September 8 at Agartala that had resorted to ‘goonery and thuggery on opposition party offices as well as offices of media.

He however asserted that Trinamool will keep on holding programmes in the areas beyond the prohibited zone and will duly hold the ‘Padayatra’ at Agartala with Abhishek Banerjee in the lead. Congress also demands withdrawal of this order.

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