16 People Died After Drinking Spurious Liquor In Bihar 

In Bihar’s Motihari district, at least 16 people have died and 10 people are hospitalized, including two in critical condition, after allegedly drinking spurious liquor. 

The deaths took place in Laxmipur village of Motihari district of the state. Twelve other people also complained of serious health problems and were taken to the hospital.

Liquor found in black despite prohibition

In April 2016, the government led by chief minister Nitish Kumar imposed a complete ban on the sale and consumption of liquor in the state, a move that won over a large number of women voters. 

But even after prohibition, people are buying poisonous liquor in black and are falling prey to death.

Talking about the Motihari spurious liquor case, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that it is a sad incident. I have asked for complete information on this.

In February this year, the state excise department had arrested 15 people, eight of whom were liquor traders. 

The officials had also recovered country-foreign branded liquor from them. In January, four people died in Siwan after allegedly consuming spurious liquor.

 Following the incident, the Bihar Police arrested 16 people in connection with the trade, storage and purchase of liquor in the state.

Police said that the liquor mafia had brought ethanol from Kolkata on the pretext of making sanitizer, but it was used to make liquor in dry condition. 

In Chhapra last year, 80 people died after allegedly drinking spurious liquor. The relatives of the deceased alleged that they complained against the local police regarding the sale of liquor in black marketing, but no action was taken.

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