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18 Dealers Arrested From Matabari Area, Udaipur With Huge Drug

Drug paraphernalia recovered again. 18 drug dealers also has been arrested. 

This time the incident took in the temple city of Udaipur.

Based on secret information, police of Udaipur Radhakishorpur police station conducted searches at various places and arrested a total of 18 drug dealers with a large quantity of drug paraphernalia on Wednesday. 

For a long time drug dealers are continuing their violence in various places of Udaipur. To ensure the supply of money, drug addicts have started engaging in various anti-social activities including theft and robbery. 

The situation has become difficult to deal with. The police are not silent. Success is coming every day in police activities. 

Although it is not sufficient compared to expectations. Even in the temple city of Udaipur, the violence of drug addicts and drug dealers has made life miserable for common people.

People got temporary relief as police raided and arrested 18 drug dealers.

 Locals have demanded that the police must be more strict attitude in these matters. The police have started an investigation against the arrested persons with aspecific case.

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