2 Rafale Jets Were Sent To Investigate UFO Sighted Near Imphal Airport: Indian Air Force

After the sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in Imphal, the Air Force deployed two Rafale fighter planes to detect it.

Apart from this, air defense system was also immediately activated. However, the Air Force has not found anything in the investigation so far.

News agency ANI quoted defense sources as saying, ‘After receiving information from the airport, the Eastern Command of the Air Force sent two Rafales one by one, but we did not see any object anywhere in the sky.’

Rafale fighter plane has been deployed at Hashimara airbase in West Bengal. It keeps flying from several Air Force bases located near the China border.

The Air Force had confirmed activation of the air defense system in the UFO case on November 19. It was said that there are videos of UFOs also. The concerned agencies are trying to find out. Imphal Airport was given clearance for flight operation only after complete investigation.

Actually, Air Traffic Control (ATC) had claimed to have seen a UFO at Imphal Airport on 19th November at 2:30 pm. After this, two flights of Air India and one of Indigo were refused landing. At the same time, two flights coming to Imphal were diverted to Kolkata. Imphal ATC had informed this to the Air Force.

The ATC report also said that Imphal airspace and flight operations were immediately closed. Due to this, about one thousand passengers were affected. Airport Authority of India (AAI) handed over control of Imphal airspace to the Air Force.

Commercial flights operation were resumed in Imphal only after clearance from the Air Force.

A female passenger going to Delhi in Air India flight said – boarding in the plane was completed by 3 pm, but clearance for takeoff was given at 6:10 pm.

 This scared the passengers and worried some elders. An airport official, on condition of anonymity, said that a huge object was seen flying in the sky for about an hour.

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