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20 Days Passed Of Announcement. Agartala-Sabroom Another Demo Yet To Run

The announcement was made. A quick press conference was held to congratulate and inform. But even after 20 days, the service did not implemented.

Even the local railway officials cannot believe that this can happen! The question has been raised that why the decision of the highest body has not been implemented .

The Ministry of Railways had announced through a press release on August 1 that another pair of demo trains would run between Agartala and Sabroom to deal with the rush of passengers.

The schedule is also announced as to when the train will run in the afternoon. The next day, State Transport Minister Sushanta Chowdhury held a press conference to congratulate and inform the Union Railway Minister.

But even after 20 days, the service is not started. The question has started to arise as to why the train has not started running yet. The Ministry of Railways has taken this decision in the beginning of August.

North East Frontier Railway sources informed that this train will run within a few days. When the demo train started running in the state, this train used to run four times between Agartala and Sabroom. Three times between Agartala Sabroom and once between Sabroom Dharmanagar. There was an opportunity to travel four times. But suddenly that train was stopped on the pretext of less passengers.

Finally, on August 1, Vivek Kumar Sinha, on behalf of the Railway Board, said in an order that the demo train will run once more in the afternoon between Agartala and Sabroom.

From Agartala the train will depart for Sabroom at 2:15 PM. And the train will depart from Sabroom for Agartala at 5 pm.

The next day, a press conference Transport Minister Sushanta Chowdhury interpreted the incident as the benefit of the double engine government.

The Transport Minister told that considering the increase in the number of passengers, their needs and convenience, a letter was recently sent to the Union Railway Minister requesting to increase the number of demo trains on this route. It is in this context that the Union Ministry of Railways decided to run one more demo train for the convenience of the people of the state.

However, despite the success of the campaign, the decision of August 1 is not implemented even on August 20. Noon demo train has not started yet between Agartala Sabroom. This has created anger among the passengers.

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