20 Lakh In One Month : Still ‘No Community Transmission’!!!

Its all about the pandemic. Yes. 20 Lakh in just one month. India reported close to 2 million covid 19 cases in August, the highest recorded in any country during any month since the outbreak of the pandemic. However, in terms of deaths, the US and Brazil reported a higher toll than India in August. But still, question raising that why govt. is suppressing the theory of Community Transmission in the country ? All though it’s an open secret but govt. is forcefully denying the fact. India’s total caseload stands at over 36.8 lakh. Of these, 28.3 lakh have recovered while there are nearly 7.9 lakh active cases in the country. India’s number of active cases is second only to the US, where the count stands at 25.6 lakh. Not Only the big states, small states and border area States are also now under grip of the infection. The virus has so far claimed 65,373 lives in India, the third highest in the world following the US (1.87 lakh) and Brazil (1.2 lakh). According to the experts denying the fact of community transmission govt. Is hurting the administration’s ability to build trust, communicate effectively and mobilise communities during the crisis, and hurting India’s handling of the pandemic.

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