2024: The Road Is Not So Easy For BJP Also

It is pure speculation to make any predictions about the General Elections to be held after a year. 

It is now an accepted principle that every election is fought between new circumstances and new tactics. 

Therefore, what kind of atmosphere will be created in the beginning of the next year and what kind of aggressiveness the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party will show in the election campaign, it is difficult to predict. 

However, what can be said with almost complete confidence at this point of time is that the public opinion in the country is taking a more intense form against BJP. 

The public opinion in favor of the BJP has been in this solid form for the last almost ten years, but the new thing is the growing mentality to be free from the BJP rule has been observed in the public opinion.

The election result of Karnataka was also a result of this resolution to a large extent. Where BJP lost miserably despite not losing its vote percentage. 

Now the NDTV-CSDS Lokniti opinion poll indicates that this phenomenon is happening across the country.

The survey revealed that 43 percent voters at the national level remain in favor of the BJP. While 38 percent voters are mobilized against it. 

The most shocking result is, change in people’s attitude towards Rahul Gandhi. 29 percent people now see him as an alternative to Narendra Modi, who has an approval rating of 43 percent. 

Of course, the setting of elections in India is at the state level. Therefore, national public opinion is often not expressed in election results. 

But even at this stage, the challenges of the BJP are not less. Maharashtra and Bihar are the two states which gave it massive support in the last two times, but now there are signs of change in the equation. 

Apart from this, the same level of support can be achieved again only by creating a storm on some emotional issue in the states where it had won the maximum support. 

Clearly new setting for the upcoming General Elections are has been developing.

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