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222 Dengue Patients Admitted In GBP, IGM Hospitals So Far In September

Ahead of the biggest festival of Bengali Hindu Community, Durga Puja, the number of mosquito-borne dengue cases is increasing in the state.

Every day people are infected by dengue disease in various place of the state. There is concern about dengue ahead of Puja.

However, the health department claims that even though people are infected by dengue, dengue is not widespread. No death yet. Therefore, the health department claims that there is nothing to worry about dengue.

“Health department is taking necessary measures to prevent the spread of dengue” the health department has made this claim about dengue, but two big government hospitals in Agartala have dengue patients.

The admitted statistics show that mosquito-borne dengue is spreading day by day in the state. The findings of dengue cases on Thursday at GB and IGM, the state’s two major referral government hospitals, are alarming.

20 people are admitted to the hospital for dengue treatment on Thursday in GBP. And in the month of September, 57 people have been admitted for treatment in GBP due to dengue. There is no data on dengue deaths in the records of GBP Hospital.

Hospital Super Dr Shankar Chakraborty said that no patient died in the hospital due to dengue.

11 people are admitted with dengue in IGM on Thursday. But so far in September, 165 people have been admitted with dengue in this hospital.

Every day dengue patients are taking admit to the hospital for medical services.

IGM Hospital Medical Super Dr Debashri Debbarma and nodal officer Dr. Arpita Debnath said that no patient died of dengue in the hospital. They said that patients are returning home after recovering from medical services.

A total of 222 dengue patients have been admitted in the two hospitals so far in September. It has become clear how dengue is spreading in the state.

A circle associated with the health department feels that if the state government health department does not deal with dengue with special importance now, then dengue can become more prevalent anytime.

According to the relevant sources of GBP and IGM, mainly dengue patients are coming from certain parts of the state including areas adjacent to Agartala city Jogendranagar, Anandnagar, Aaralia, Renters Colony, Amtali, Bamutia, Mohanpur, Kanchanmala, border areas of Bangladesh etc.

Besides few days back few dengue patients also came from Ramnagar, Dhaleshwar area.

Dengue is basically a mosquito-borne disease. People are infected with dengue by mosquito bites. Dirty garbage, dirty and unsanitary drains, long standing dirty water breed mosquitoes.

However the Health Department, Agartala Municipal Corporation demanding to take appropriate and proper measures to prevent the spread of mosquitoes.

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