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22,889 Cases: Special Lok Adalat To Be Held On October 8, In Tripura

Special Lok Adalat to be organized in all district and sub-divisional court premises from 10 am on Sunday, October 8, 2023 in Tripura. 

There will be 33 benches in this special Lok Adalat. Approximately 22 thousand 889 cases will be taken up for settlement. 11 thousand 645 cases under MV Act, 2023 cases under Tripura Gambling Act, 686 cases under Tripura Excise Act, 9 cases under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 8087 cases under Tripura Police Act, 01 cases under Indian Electricity Act, 6 cases under Cruelty to Animals Act, 83 cases related to bounce of checks (NI Act), 34 cases related to matrimonial disputes and 315 cases under solvable criminal sections will be taken up for disposal.

The work of this Lok Adalat will start from 3rd October. 

Persons who have received notice of cases related to Tripura Excise Act, Tripura Police Act, MV Act, Tripura Gambling Act, Tripura Electricity Act and Cruelty to Animals Act, can also take the advantage of settling those cases by contacting the office of the concerned District or Sub-Divisional Legal Services Authority located in the premises of the Court at any time from 3rd October to 7 October 2023, from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm.

For cost-effective disposal of cases, the Tripura State Government has set certain sections and issued notification for settlement within – MV Act cases to minimum half of the fine, Tripura Police Act cases to a minimum of Rs 200/-, Tripura Gambling Act cases to a minimum of Rs 50 to Rs 600 and Tripura Excise Act cases to a minimum of Rs 200/- 2,000 . 

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