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2328 Cyber Crimes Occur In India Every Day: Report Of cyber Security Workshop, Agartala

Average of 2328 cyber crimes occur in India every day. An average of 97 people are victims of this crime every hour. Every 39 seconds, a person in the country is attacked and cheated by cybercriminals. Especially those associated with online business have to face more about that problem.

Moreover, almost everyone who uses social media is at risk of becoming a victim of cyber criminals. They become victim of such incidents regularly. The biggest problem in this case is sharing bank or online information with others in faith.

All this information came out in a workshop on cyber security on Friday.

The workshop on cyber security and safety in eastern India was held in Agartala, the capital city of the state on Friday.

Various topics were discussed in the workshop organized in collaboration with the Kolkata Consulate of the United States of America.

The main topic revolves around the various aspects of online business transactions. This workshop is organized with small and women entrepreneurs.

Arnab Gangopadhyay, Associate Director of CUTS International, an organization working on cyber crime prevention, Subhash Chandra Das, Additional Director of the State Industries and Commerce Department, Debashis Barman, Deputy Director of the Department participated in it.

Additionally, John Clare, Assistant Public Relations Officer at the US Consulate in Kolkata participated online. He delivered the keynote address of the workshop. Altogether 60 small and women entrepreneurs were part of it.

The workshop emphasized on being aware, alert and cautious of those involved in online business.

It is said that no OTP related information including pin code of bank ATMs can be given to anyone. All information including computer and mobile should be kept safe. If not, it’s dangerous. In a moment, all the money of self and the company can be looted. Businesses can be defamed in various ways, including data theft. This happens often. Social engineers and cyber warriors are required to combat this. Danger can come at any time, from any direction.

“It is difficult to avoid cyber crime if you are somehow careless and vulnerable. It is said that the main aim of cyber criminals is mainly to embezzle money” said the experts.

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