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3 Flights To Bring Back Tripura Students From Manipur

208 students of Tripura to brought back from Manipur in three special flights. They will leave from Manipur at midnight on Saturday. 

Chief Minister Professor (Dr.) Manik Saha said this in a press conference at the Secretariat on Saturday. 

He also added that the Tripura government has sent a team of officials to Manipur. They will stay there for another 2/3 days. If anyone wants to come to Tripura, they will arrange to bring them back.

Incidentally, the parents and the state government are very worried about the safety of Tripura students studying in violent Manipur. 

The Tripura government is holding periodic meetings on the overall issues of Manipur. 

Launched helpline number. Not only this, the Chief Minister of Tripura has called the Chief Minister of Manipur and the Union Home Minister for help. They have assured all assistance.

On this day, the Chief Minister said that there are Tripura students studying in RIMS, Central Agricultural College and Regional Institute of Technology College in Manipur. Parents of many of them have already contacted the Tripura government. Students studying in Manipur have also contacted for help. Special flights have been arranged to bring them back to Tripura.

According to him, the area around the Central Agricultural University in Manipur is experiencing the most problems. However, due to adequate security measures, no untoward incident has occurred yet. He said that there are 37 students from Tripura. Besides, arrangements have been made to bring 171 students back to Tripura in a special plane. In that, all expenses to be spent by the Government of Tripura. Not only that, those who are returning after purchasing flight tickets with their own money will also be refunded the price of those tickets from the government, he assured.

The chief minister said that there was a problem in bringing the students of Tripura together by air from Manipur. Because, not all flight tickets were available from Imphal. So, I appealed to the Union Civil Aviation Minister for help. The central government responded to that request very quickly.

He said that arrangements have been made to bring the students of Tripura back to the state in three special commercial flights.

He said that the special plane will leave for Agartala with 171 people around 12:15 midnight on Saturday. A member of the Tripura Cabinet and some officials will be present to welcome them at the airport. On the other hand, another plane will leave for Guwahati at around 1:40 PM with 37 students of Central Agricultural University. The flight from Guwahati will reach Agartala tomorrow at 12:15 PM. In this case the Resident Commissioner of Guwahati Tripura Bhavan will make all arrangements for their stay and return flight to Agartala.

The Chief Minister said that despite all the arrangements, there was a problem in taking the students of Tripura to the airport. But, Manipur has now taken a battalion of CRPF from Tripura on emergency basis. Consequently, all arrangements have been made through the IG of CRPF. 

He said that even today he spoke with the Chief Minister of Manipur about the overall issue. He assured to help all the students of Tripura to return home safely. Besides, those who will not return to Tripura from Manipur, will also ensure their safety.

On this day, Tripura Director General of Police Amitabh Ranjan said that a special team led by a senior police officer and a senior general administration officer has been sent to Manipur. They will make all arrangements to bring back Tripura students to the state in coordination with the airport and colleges. 

Chief Minister said that they will stay there for another 2/3 days. If anyone else from Tripura wants to return they will make all the arrangements.

Meanwhile, 77 people have contacted the Tripura helpline number so far.

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