31,000 Food Grains Samples From Ration Shops Failed In Quality Test !

It is a matter of deep concern that despite the
monitoring of big laws and investigative agencies, the problem of adulteration is continuously deepening.

There is no dearth of people earning money dishonestly with false intentions in the country.

Such elements not only cheat the public but also seriously play with their health.

In spite of the action taken from time to time by the Food and Drug Administration, adulteration found in many commodities like edible oil, ground chili, spices, gram flour, black pepper, honey etc

Deadly chemicals and dyes are also used. Now this fact has come to the fore that adulteration is being done on a large scale even in the rations available in government shops.

According to the report of the Union Ministry of Food and Public Distribution, 1,65,356 ration samples were taken from government ration shops across the country.

Of these, 31,592 samples failed. Why would this have happened? The responsibility of
providing ration to the people comes under the state government, for which there is a provision of government grocery shops.

officials claim that the ration provided by the central and state government at government ration shops passes through the eyes of different officers and responsible officials who investigate.

If so, where and at what level did the adulteration take place? The general public has the experience that good quality wheat or rice is not available in the ration and mud and pebbles are also included in it.

High quality food grains also come in the godowns of the government, but it seems that without reaching the general public, it reaches the open market.

Does this happen with the connivance of businessmen and officials? According to the Union Ministry of Food and Public Distribution, this adulteration is being done on behalf of the people are there in the government-run shops.

They mix light or substandard food grains, husk, soil pebbles etc. in the ration grains by mixing good grains. If pulses given, then cheap pulses are mixed in it.

Such people take wrong advantage of the compulsion and ignorance of the poor people. Now, under the Prime Minister’s food grain scheme, more than 80 crore poor people of the country are being provided free food grains.

In such a situation, the quality of the grains should also be fine. Officials and ration shop dealers will have to be very careful that substandard, adulterated and injurious to health food grains are not given to the people.

More than 31.000 samples of food grains being given in ration have failed in the test, it shows that there is a situatıon like darkness under the lamp.

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