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34 MLAs Writes To Maha Gov Claiming Support For Eknath Shinde. Sena Reaches SC, Demands Action Against MLAs

The political crisis of Maharashtra is getting complicated instead of being resolved. The rebel MLA led by Eknath Shinde has now hardened his position. 

Supporters of Shinde have written to Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari and Deputy Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, urging that Eknath Shinde, who was appointed as the leader of the legislature party by Shiv Sena in 2019, would continue in the post. 

They also say that Bharat Gogavale has been appointed as the party’s chief whip and he is still in Shiv Sena.

In this letter of ‘Rebels’, the reasons for adopting a rebellious attitude have been disclosed. The special thing is that it says that they confirm that Shinde is the leader of the legislature party. 

Theytalked about the appointment of Bharat Gogavale as the Chief Whip. They canceled the appointment of Sunil Pramukh to this post. 

The letter has signatures of 34 MLAs, including independents. It is worth mentioning that in a tweet, Shinde has termed the meeting of party MLAs called by CM Uddhav Thackeray this evening as “illegal”.

In view of the attitude of the rebels, the letter of the meeting was issued by Shiv Sena, in which it was said in a warning tone that action would be taken against the MLAs who did not participate in this meeting of 5 pm. 

In this letter sent through WhatsApp email and SMS, it has been said that Shiv Sena has called a meeting of all the MLAs in ‘Varsha’ (the official residence of CM Uddhav Thackeray). CM Thackeray, who is Covid infected, is likely to chair this meeting through video conferencing.

The matter of political crisis in Maharashtra has reached the Supreme Court. In the application filed in the Supreme Court, action has been demanded against all the MLAs involved in defection. 

Madhya Pradesh Mahila Congress President Jaya Thakur has filed this application, seeking directions to stop the defecting MLAs from contesting elections for 5 years. 

It has been said in the petition that the disqualified/resigning MLAs should be stopped from contesting elections for 5 years. 

Such MLAs should be barred from contesting elections for five years from the date of their resignation/disqualification from the assembly.

This application has been filed raising questions on the current situation of the MLAs of Maharashtra, it has been said that political parties are trying to destroy the democratic fabric of our country again. Defection of MLAs is unconstitutional. 

This application has been filed by him in the already pending petition in 2021 in which the SC had sought a response from the Center in January 2021. 

It has been said in the application that political parties are involved in horse-trading and corrupt practices. Citizens are being denied a stable government. These undemocratic practices are making fun of our democracy and constitution. Such undemocratic practices need to be curbed. Continuous defection causes huge loss to the exchequer as by-elections have to be held due to this. Voters are denied their right to elect like-minded representatives. 

The example of Madhya Pradesh has also been given in this, where the defecting MLAs were made ministers. 

It has been said in the petition that such MLAs should be prevented from contesting elections for five years from the date of their resignation/disqualification from the assembly. 

Jaya Thakur’s application states that despite the directions of the Supreme Court last year, the Center has not yet taken steps to handle the cases of defection.

Political parties are taking advantage of the situation and elected government in different states of our country are constantly being destroyed. The importance of party politics in a democracy and the need for stability within the government to facilitate good governance. The speaker’s role is important in maintaining a balance between democratic values ​​and constitutional ideas. 

The re-election of defected MLAs in Karnataka in 2019 has also been cited and it is said that in the years 960 and 1970, “Aaya Ram and Gaya Ram” had become famous in the political arena, which is attributed to Haryana MLA Gaya Lal who changed his allegiance to the parties thrice in a short span of time in 1967. Actually in January 2021,

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