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4000 Anganwadi Workers, Helpers Of Tripura To Lose Job After May 30

About one-fifth of the Anganwadi centers in Tripura are reportedly going to affected by the beginning of June.The number is about 2 thousand.

The state government has shown the doors of the homes to about 4 thousand Anganwadi workers and helpers working in those centers. That’s why the centers are about to be closed.

The Anganwadi workers and helpers can do the job til 60 years.

The announcement of such a directive by the director of the state’s social welfare and social education department has created widespread anger among the state’s over 4,000 anganwadi workers and helpers.

Anganwadi workers are serving up to 65 years in many states of the country. In the same scheme in Tripura Anganwadi workers applied to work on the basis of minimum wages up to 65 years.

Many of them also filed a case in the Tripura High Court on this demand. The verdict of the case goes in favor of the Anganwadi workers and helpers. The state government was forced to extend the service period of 68 Anganwadi workers from 60 years to 65 years on October 17 last year as per the order of the High Court.

Many others have this process after they complete 60 years.

According to the judgment of the High Court, they were hoping for up to 65 years in work in Anganwadi Centers albeit in return for a small salary

But the Director of Social Welfare and Social Education Department has clearly stated in the directive on March 10, 2021 that the Anganwadi helpers and workers who were given permission to extend their employment up to 65 years have been cancelled.

Because the state government filed an SLP last year in the Supreme Court against the High Court verdict. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the government.

According to the supreme court order, the helpers and workers working in all Anganwadi centers of the state have been informed that they can serve up to 60 years. Cannot be employed till 65 years. All those who have reached 60 years of age and have been in service for more than 30 years will be terminated by May 30.

Disappointment has arisen among Anganwadi workers due to this guidelines. After this verdict, poor Anganwadi workers said that they are up to 65 years could have done the job if the government had not gone to the Supreme Court.

But the state government went to the Supreme Court . As a result, more than four thousand Anganwadi workers in the state are deprived

Jaya Burman, senior leader of CITU, said that the Supreme Court’s judgment did not say that Anganwadi workers-helpers above 60 years of age cannot work. The State Government has left the right to fix the age and conditions of work. The state government can employ them. According to the court ruling, there is no obstacle in employing those Anganwadi workers and helpers. Anganwadi workers and helpers already work for low wages. Social security is very low. In this case, the government can extend their working period.

According to a source of the department, the number of Anganwadi centers in the state is 9 thousand 911. There is one worker and an assistant at each center.

Accordingly, the number of Anganwadi workers and helpers is 19,822. Among them, about 20 percent of workers and assistants are about to leave their jobs simultaneously.

The state government raised their service age from 60 to 65 years as per the High Court verdict last year in the face of assembly polls.

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