4G Internet To Be Restored Across Jammu And Kashmir After 18 Months

High speed 4G internet services are being restored across Jammu and Kashmir, a senior government official said on Friday, more than 18 months after they were snapped to prevent a backlash against the centre’s move to revoke the former state’s special status. “4G mobile internet services being restored in entire J&K,” tweeted Jammu and Kashmir administration spokesperson Rohit Kansal. The services are likely to resume from Friday midnight, news agency PTI reported, citing sources. Jammu and Kashmir was put under what became the world’s longest running Internet shut down in a democratic country on August 5, 2019, when the centre announced plans to scrap its decades-old autonomy listed in the constitution. Mobile internet services were throttled to stop the spread of misinformation and terrorists from abusing the networks, the administration said. However, critics said the restrictions have cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and crores in losses to the economy.

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