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500 MW Renewable Energy To Be Generated In Tripura By 2030: Power Minister

Tripura State Power Minister Ratan Lal Nath held a meeting with the Union Power Minister in New Delhi. Power Ministers and Secretaries of North Eastern states were present in this high level meeting. 

Minister Ratan Lal Nath presented the details in the press conference on Friday. He said that a plan has been taken for the production of 500 MW of renewable energy in the state by 2030. Special importance has been given to the production of renewable energy in the country.

“In Tripura, a multi-faceted plan has been taken for the production of 500 MW of renewable energy by 2030” Power Minister Ratanlal Nath said this in a press conference at the Civil Secretariat in the press conference on Friday .

He said, A high-level meeting of power ministers and secretaries of North Eastern states was held yesterday in New Delhi in the presence of Union Power Minister RK Singh and Union Power Secretary. The meeting mainly discussed various proposals and steps taken by the states to generate renewable energy in the North Eastern states.

In the press conference, the power minister said that various proposals and initiatives of the government to produce renewable energy in the state by 2030 were presented in the meeting. 

He said that the various power plants in the state are mostly gas based. But gas and coal are gradually decreasing. Therefore, the state government has given special importance to renewable energy generation. The government has adopted a multi-pronged plan to generate 500 MW of renewable energy in the state by 2030. 

He said, in order to produce this 500 MW of renewable energy in the state, 2000 MW of solar power must be stored. 

He said, in this regard, a project of around Rs 20 thousand crore will be taken up for the North Eastern states. As a result Tripura will also benefit from this project. 

Power Minister said that arrangements will be made to gradually install rooftop solar panels at home and all the government institutions of the state for the purpose of generating 500 MW of renewable energy in the state.  

He also highlighted the plans for building solar parks, setting up floating solar power plants, setting up hydro pump storage, using solar electricity for irrigation of agricultural land, building solar villages, solar cities, small hydro projects, using electric vehicles etc.

In the press conference, the power minister also said that the target of installing off-grid power plants in 3 subdivisions of the state has been taken. 

240 MW floating sola panel, :development of 300 villages into green villages, solar cold storage, solar drier, solar based community water purification system, solar multipurpose food processor, solar textiles loom, etc Government steps are brought up in the meeting in proposed form with information, the power minister said.

The power minister said that 3 lakh solar study lamps have been given to 3,335 schools in the state. Another 3 lakh 50 thousand will be given. 15,000 and 29,000 solar street lights have been provided in 1012 markets, 993 gram panchayats respectively. 

A target of installing 50,000 more street lights has been taken. 7 solar purifiers have been arranged.

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