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5th Grade Student Tests Covid Positive: Shishu Bihar School Closed Morning Classes

A student in the morning section of Shishu Bihar School, Agartala has been infected with corona. The parents of the student of Shishu Bihar School were terrified when the child was infected with corona.

However, the student did not come to the school after the morning classes resumed, Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath confirmed this with reporters after talking to his parents on Thursday. Therefore, he appealed to parents and students at large not to panic unnecessarily.

On the basis of the report of Shishu Bihar School authority, Education Minister Ratan al Nath said that classes from 1st to 5th class have started on September 13. However, on September 20, the class teacher found out that the fifth-grade student had symptoms of COVID in his body.

The student and her mother were infected. Therefore, the school management committee has called an emergency meeting on September 22 and the decided that the morning classes will remain closed on the grounds that the student was present at the school one day. There will be online reading at that time.

The Education minister said that based on the report, detailed discussions have been held with the health department and the situation has been reviewed. The Department of Education has learned the advice and actions necessary arrangements on its basis.

However, the Education Minister later spoke to the student’s parents and found out that the student had never been to school started reopened. Only on last August 25, the student took part in the catch-up campaign.

The education minister said the student’s parents were infected with corona. She has a slight sore throat. However, it is not alarming.

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