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77th Independence Day: PM Addressed 10th Consecutive Time Addressed To The Nation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday unfurled the tricolor for the 10th consecutive time from the ramparts of the Red Fort. 

After the flag hoisting, Air Force helicopter showered flowers. After this, PM Modi addressed the country on the 77th Independence Day (PM Modi Address To The Nation). 

The PM mentioned violence-hit Manipur at the very beginning of his address. Modi said, “For the past few days, news of peace is continuously coming from Manipur, the country is with the people of Manipur. The solution can be found only through peace.” 

The central and state governments are making every effort to find a solution. While congratulating the countrymen on Independence Day, PM Modi said, ‘My dear 140 crore family members. In terms of population too, we are number one in the world. The country of 140 crores, my brothers, sisters and family members is celebrating the festival of independence today. Millions of best wishes to crores of people of the country on this great festival of independence.

He Also Said

Today nepotism and appeasement have ruined our country. How can only one family be in charge of a political party? His life mantra for him is – Party of the family, by the family and for the family.

I firmly believe that when the country celebrates 100 years of independence in 2047, the country will be a developed India. I say this on the basis of our country’s capability and available resources…but the need of the hour is to fight three evils – corruption, dynasty and appeasement.

The vibrant border village was called the last village of the country. We changed that mindset. It is not the last village of the country. What you can see on the border is the first village of my country… I am happy that the special guests of this program are 600 heads of these border villages. He has come here to be a part of this program at the Red Fort.

There are many dreams. The resolution is clear. The policies are clear. There is no question mark in front of the intention. But we have to accept some truths and to solve them, my dear family members, I have come to the Red Fort today to seek your help. I have come from the Red Fort to seek your blessings. Based on experience, I am saying that today those things have to be taken seriously. In 2047, when the country will celebrate 100 years of independence, at that time the tricolor flag of India in the world should be the tricolor flag of developed India. We don’t have to stop even for a moment, we don’t have to back down. Cleanliness, transparency and fairness are the first strong needs. We can give that strength as much as manure and water. Organization leaders can give. This should be our collective responsibility.

We have taken several steps to control inflation in the country and our efforts will continue in this direction.

We have deposited Rs 2.5 lakh crore in the accounts of farmers through PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. Pure water reaches every household, we have spent Rs 2 lakh crore on Jal Jeevan Mission! We have spent 70 thousand crore rupees under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, so that the poor get medicines, they are treated well. We have spent about 15 thousand crore rupees for vaccination to save livestock!

Such family members who live in cities, live in rented houses, if such family members who want to build a house, it has been decided to provide relief within the interest of the loan they will get from the bank.

I want to minimize the burden of inflation on my countrymen, I have to take steps in this direction. My efforts will continue. He said that concrete roads are being constructed from village to village. We are also manufacturing Semi Conductors. Whose foundation stone is laid by our government, it is also inaugurated in our period only. Keep it in writing that I am laying the foundation stone these days, you all have left it in my destiny to inaugurate it.

Today India has got the opportunity to host the G20 Summit. In the past year, the way many G20 events were held in every corner of India, the world has come to know about the power of the common people of India and the diversity of India.

The government will launch the Vishwakarma scheme next month with an allocation of Rs 13,000 to 15,000 crore for people with traditional skills.

Today the children who came out of the slums are showing their bravery in the world. The youth of small villages and towns, our sons and daughters are showing wonders today. I want to tell the youth of the country, there is no dearth of opportunities today. As many opportunities as you would like, this country has the ability to give more opportunities than the sky.

In this period, no land was like this, there was no time when the heroes of India did not keep the flame of freedom burning. The women power of the country, the farmers of the country, the laborers of the country, there was no one who did not live with the dream of freedom. That widespread form of public consciousness, that widespread form of sacrifice and austerity, that moment that instilled confidence in the people, finally in 1947 the country became independent.

In the Northeast, especially in Manipur, a period of violence ensued, many people lost their lives, the honor of mothers and daughters was played with. But for a few days, news of peace is coming continuously. The country is with the people of Manipur, let the peace that the people of Manipur have maintained for a few days be carried forward. Only peace will find the way to the solution. The central and state governments are working together to solve those problems and will continue to do so.

After the covid-19 pandemic, a new world order, a new geopolitical equation is moving forward very fast. The definition of geopolitics is changing. Today the potential of 140 crore people can be seen in shaping the new world order.

This time the natural calamity created unimaginable distress in many parts of the country. I express my condolences to all the families who have endured this crisis. I assure that the state-central government together will be free from all those crises and move towards rapid development.

Today, 15 August, the 150th birth anniversary of the great revolutionary Sri Aurobindo is being completed. This year is the year of 150th birth anniversary of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. This time when we celebrate 26 January, it will be the.75th anniversary of our Republic Day: PM Modi

Our borders are more secure than ever. Modernization of the army. Our army should be ready for war. That’s why the work of continuous improvement is being done in our army. Every day we used to hear that there was a bomb blast here, there was a bomb blast there. It was written everywhere that do not touch this bag. Today the country is witnessing peace. The era of serial bomb blasts has become a thing of the past. The deaths of innocent people are now a thing of the past. Today there has been a drastic reduction in terrorist attacks in the country. There has been a lot of change in Naxalite affected areas also. An atmosphere of change has been created.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has hoisted the tricolor maximum 17 times from the Red Fort as the Prime Minister of the country. After him comes the place of former PM Indira Gandhi. He also hoisted the tricolor 17 times. Now Modi will join Dr. Manmohan Singh at the third place in this list. After the flag hoisting, the Prime Minister will address the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, this will be his last address as PM. Modi has been presenting the report card of his government from the Red Fort. Apart from this, he has also announced several major schemes on Independence Day. Political messages are also hidden in the Prime Minister’s addresses. It is possible that in this time’s address there is some hint hidden in the direction of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Last year on Independence Day, PM Modi had announced ‘Panch Pran’. He appealed to the countrymen to make India a developed nation by 2047, eliminate any sign of mutualism, take pride in India’s heritage, strengthen the power of unity and fulfill civic duties with sincerity.

In 2014, in his Independence Day speech before the ramparts of the Red Fort, he announced several new programs like Swachh Bharat and Jan Dhan accounts. In 2018, Modi launched Ayushman Bharat, a flagship health insurance scheme for the poor, ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. 

In his Independence Day addresses, he made important announcements such as setting up the post of Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) in 2019, celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence in 2021. The launch of Gati Shakti Yojana and 75 Vande Bharat Express were also announced from the Red Fort.

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