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8 People Fell Sick After Having Adulterated Yogurt In Bilonia

Bengali meal remains incomplete if yogurt- sweets are not there on the first day of the new year. 

On Saturday 8 people fell sick after having that yogurt. The incident which took place on the north bank of the river Bankar in Bilonia under South Tripura district, has created panic as eight people fell ill after consuming milk yogurt.

There are demands to take legal action against the Maa Tripureshwari sweet shop from where the yogurt has been brought.

Many people have taken yogurt- sweets from that sweet shop on the occasion of Bengali New Year. 14 of them fell ill due to food poisoning according to the report.

Eight of the sick persons have been admitted to Bilonia Hospital. Two people has beem discharged after primary treatment.

Four others are sick at home. The doctor on duty at the hospital said that they had vomited after eating yogurt.

Locals complained that there was adulteration in making yogurt in that sweet shop. Hence, people fell ill after consuming yogurt. 

According to them, the administration never monitors such dishonest business. As a result, poor quality food is being sold. People are getting sick after eating that food. 

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