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80% Irrigation System Become Useless In Tripura. Suffering Farmers: AIKS

The All India Kisan Sabha raised serious complaints against the Tripura government regarding the state’s irrigation system.

 In a press conference organized at the All India Kisan Sabha Tripura State Committee office on Wednesday, Secretary Pabitra Kar said that:

“Former Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb had talked about damming two spillways in Champak Nagar after the formation of the government. As a result of which water irrigation and drinking water will not be any more problem. The former chief minister told that 400 crore rupees will be spent in this regard.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sanctioned the money for this. However an answer was sought through RTI on November 16 on this matter. It is known that the central government has not sanctioned a single rupee to the Tripura government for the construction of this dam. More than 600 crore rupees were demanded for this, but the government did not give a single rupee. This information is known from the state government” Said Kar. 

“A water irrigation project on Rudra Sagar was to be done on 448 hectares of land. 73.24 crore DPR was deposited in 2021. According to the data of last November 16, it is seen that not a single approval on irrigation project has come” he said. 

He also said that this government is unable to fulfill any of its promises. Also, 97 crore rupees were supposed to be paid through deep tube well for 4,100 hectares of land.

“But the central government has not given even a single rupee to this project. Due to such indifference of the state government, 80 percent of the water irrigation system has become useless. Farmers are unable to produce crops. And the pump machines for irrigation are not being repaired. The chief engineer of the concerned department has clearly stated that they do not have a single rupee in their budget. It has been seen that the government was supposed to arrange water irrigation with money amounting to about two thousand crore rupees. But not a single rupee sanctioned for irrigation” said Pabitra Kar.

“Meanwhile, the government has disappointed the people in the rural water project also. The government has spent thousands of rupees and has advertised the delivery of water in every house. But information on how much has been spent on advertising so far was sought but not provided. Because this government is determined to provide water to every house. Although it can be seen that people yet to get water” Kar said.

” Every day people are holding various protest programs starting from blocking roads for water.  This government is cheating the people of the state” he added.

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