Aadhaar Become A Monitoring Tool

Today, the government has not make Aadhaar card to remain just an identity card but has made every citizen its slave with the help of it, so that the countrymen can be monitored 24 hours to know what they are doing, how they are doing , why they are doing.

With the help of technology, the entire country has been turned into a big open prison where no one can walk without carrying the Aadhar card in his pocket.

The interesting thing is that Aadhaar has been created in such a way that the information about it remains only with the government and it can change it whenever it wants.

Aadhaar number appears somewhere on every online transaction. People who use debit or credit cards have to provide their Aadhaar card number at one stage, through which the government keeps an eye on their every activity.

When boarding a train, bus or metro, you have to show Aadhaar to prove your identity.

The government is bent on arbitrariness, it can change the rules of Aadhaar card whenever it wants by making any excuse for its benefit.

In the name of Good Governance Rules 2020, the government’s screws are often tightened but not everyone is aware of it.

The government has prepared the language of good governance and privacy as if it is saying that someone is put in jail for his safety so that no one can rob him. So that the Aadhaar number can also be used by non-government organizations, an amendment was made in the rules, couched in very strong language, that the Aadhaar number can also be used by non-central government organizations.

The public’s opinion was also sought on the rules containing lengthy and complex language, but they were known only to those who had the knack of browsing government websites.

No advertisements in newspapers, no information on TV, no information on x or brands.

Time from 20th April to 20th May was given to 140 crore people of the country to see if your new chain is fine. Your little toe is being tied so that it does not hit any table. Don’t worry, we are your elected government. Will do good to you. This web of chains in which you are tied is according to the will of the people. Hey, 30 days is not enough to comment, so we give 15 more days. Now don’t say that we are dictators.

There is so much of words surrounded by such rhetoric that public representatives, journalists, the law do not know what is happening and we all get tied in yet another bondage in the name of good governance!

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