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Abducted Litan’s Wife Become Daily Labour To Feed Children

The mystery behind the kidnapping case of Litan Nath has been solved yet but the family members of Litan Nath are struggling a lot and things have become worse for them. Shipra Nath, wife of Litan Nath and his four children stays in a rented place in Damcherra and they have financial problems where she is not able to feed the children properly. Hance she has started working in a road repairing project where she lifted her son on her back and was doing work. “I don’t want food or money but only to see my husband alive” said Shipra Nath. Although a total of 47 days have already passed and police officials of the state used all power to search him but now it seems like they have lost hope of rescuing him alive. There are question being raised whether he has been killed by the terrorist or not.

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