Achievement Of India From The G-20 Summit

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India has achieved some unprecedented, global and diplomatic successes in the G-20 summit held in Delhi. 

Within 10 minutes after the start of the conference, Prime Minister Modi unanimously passed the proposal to make ‘African Union’ a permanent member of G-20. 

Not only this, president of the Union Ajali Assoumani was also invited to take his place. He came and hugged Prime Minister Modi and then took his seat. Surely, this was such a revolutionary decision that 55 African countries would have cheered together, because they have got the opportunity to rise from the margins and become a part of the global mainstream. 

Now a part of the Third World or Global South will be connected to the countries with the developed and fastest economies of the world. 

Most African countries have been poor, backward, sick, malnourished and victims of starvation. 

Some countries had started moving forward on the path of economic development, but the Corona epidemic destroyed a lot. 

China has taken illegitimate advantage of the plight of these countries. Although its investment is more than 300 billion dollars. It is also helping the space programs of 9 African countries. About 10 thousand companies are working in different African countries, but African countries feel that they are under the debt of China, hence want freedom from it. 

India can prove to be an ‘angel’ for them. Anyway, India has completed 197 projects in African countries. More than 182 projects of India are still ongoing. More than 25,000 students from African countries study in India. 

India have provided loans of $12 billion to African countries at very low interest rates. India has also provided vaccines, generic medicines, food items etc during the Corona epidemic and India also providing computers and related training to the African people. 

India is working in agriculture, health, pharmacy, textile, automobile, banking, information technology, energy and infrastructure development works etc. 

India is one of the largest investors among African countries. Now after the African Union becomes a permanent member of G-20, they will also be able to get easier loans, investment and help from development banks. 

This is implementing the G-20’s motto of ‘One Earth, One Family’. Its wider impact will be that China will have to change its ‘Africa policy’. This is certainly India’s ‘extraordinary achievement’, because we built consensus on the basis of our relations. 

The second huge achievement is that India, America, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, It has also been agreed to create an ‘Economic Prosperity Corridor’ of sea ships and trains between Britain, Germany, France, Italy, i.e. Europe. This will be an unprecedented and unmatched corridor and trade, movement, transportation etc between its countries will take on such wings as can only be imagined. 

The China-Pakistan corridor has failed. Although India is also a part of the corridor with Russia and Iran, but the proposed corridor will be different and much wider. 

The third achievement was that India was successful in getting 100 percent consensus on the 37-page ‘New Delhi Declaration’. 

There was speculation that there would be difficulties in issuing the manifesto, but India also mentioned war and Ukraine. Ukraine is mentioned 4 times, but Russia is not named. India definitely had to make this compromise. It was said that the effects of war are widespread, hence this is not the era of war. The threat or use of nuclear weapons is also unacceptable. Force should not be used on the sovereignty and integrity of any country. All countries should work according to the UN Charter. 

India managed to mention global terrorism 9 times in the manifesto. The resolution passed condemns all forms of terrorism, Because it is a serious threat to peace and stability. Apart from these, G-20 set its priorities on sustainable development, environment, biofuel alliance, digital technology.

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