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Acid Thrown In Police Van. Four Injured In Simna

Acid attack on police vehicle. Injured 3 youths including two police personnel. It is reported that a thief was beaten. Incident at Simna Bazar. 

According to the details of the incident, a young man from a tea garden was severely beaten up on suspicion of being a thief in Simna market on Sunday. The frenzy of the incident spread on Monday morning.

The tea plantation workers in concert attacked the house of one Subir Das, Pranash Das and Kajal Das. They beat up that young man on suspicion of being a thief. The tea plantation workers beat Subir Das Thanhosh Das and Kajal Das on this allegation. Their family members were not left out.

Local police and SP and jawans rushed to the spot after getting the information. The police rescued the three youths from the crowd and picked them up in a car.

 At that moment, a person threw a bottle of acid at the police car. Two police personnel including Subir Das, Thanhosh Das and Kajal Das were injured. Due to the acid, the two youths got burns on different parts of their bodies. Later, the injured were rescued and brought to GB Hospital in Agartala. 

The entire incident has spread a lot of tension in the area adjacent to Simna Bazar. Throwing acid bottles is a serious crime. Maybe a bigger accident could have happened to the three youths and two policemen of the city who were exposed to acid. 

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