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Administrators Assumes Office In AMC, 7 Municipalities On Sunday

District Magistrate of West Tripura and seven other SDMs assumes office as the administrators of Agartala Municipal Corporation and seven Municipalities respectively on Sunday according to an official notification by the Urban Development Department. SDMs of Mohanpur, Belonia, Ranir Bazar, and Udaipur have already taken charges as the Administrators of their respective Municipal Councils/Nagar Panchayats on December 17. Except AMC and a few Municipalities Municipal Councils of Kailasahar Kumarghat Ambassa Mekaghar Sonamura, administrators have also already assumed offices till date. The left out Municipalities including AMC taken over by the administrators on sunday. They will have time in their hand till February 27 to conduct the elections in Municipalities and Nagar Panchayats because the Government has already deferred elections till the date.

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