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After LS Polls, Price Of LPG Cylinder Will Be Rs 1500: Nari Samiti

Delhi campaign of All India Democratic Women’s Association on October 5. To make this program successful, the “BJP-RSS Hatao, Mahila Bachao, Desh Bachao” slogans are running in the state along with the entire country. Demonstration programs are held in different areas in Agartala on Tuesday.

On this day, a demonstration was held in Battala area by the leftist women’s organization.

Leader of AIDWA Tripura unit Rama Das, Mitali Bhattacharya and others were present. Women leader Rama Das alleged that the BJP government at the Center and the state lured people with false promises before coming to power. The people of the country are now realizing that the Narendra Modi-led government has betrayed them. And from this experience, it can be understood that after the Lok Sabha elections, the price of a cylinder of cooking gas will be Rs 1500. 

“Along with this, the price of daily necessities is increasing. People’s livelihood have been disrupted. On top of this, the unemployment problem in the country has taken a terrible shape”she said. 

SHe also said that the economic condition of the country has deteriorated due to the policies of this government. GDP fell to 6 percent. As a result, unemployed, farmers, all sections of workers are affected today. 

She said that in this difficult situation, the government is reneging on the promises it was founded on. The incidents of violence against women are increasing throughout the country. 

So AIDWA urged to defeat this government in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections

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