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Agartala-Bound Indigo Flight Hit Severe Turbulence Mid-Air

A 180-seater Airbus of IndiGo from Kolkata on Sunday got caught in severe cyclonic crosswinds in the evening sky.

This flight 348 was coming to Agartala with 180 passengers. Suddenly the plane fell into air turbulence in the sky.

The plane started to shake violently as it fell into the vortex. The aircraft was shaking and shaking dangerously.

The passengers were very scared. Some passengers screamed inside the plane in fear.

The plane finally landed at Agartala MBB airport around 7:20 PM after a rough patch.

The disgruntled, angry passengers from the plane began to exasperate the pilot standing near the plane’s door as they disembarked as to why they had not known earlier that a severe cyclone was on its way.

Angry passengers told the pilot, why was the plane that fell into the cyclone not taken back to Kolkata in the beginning.

Meanwhile, some passengers of the plane came down and told the terminal building that they were saved from great danger.

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