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Agartala: CPIM Holds Protest Rally Against skyrocketing Commodity Prices

A protest rally was organized by the Communist Party of India on Wednesday to protest against skyrocketing commodity prices and demanding employment. 

The rally starts from the area adjacent to the drop gate of the capital and traveled the various routes of the city. 

Former MP Jharna Das Baidya was present in the rally.

Addressing the road meeting after the rally, She said that after the establishment of the Narendra Modi-led government in the country, there has been a financial crisis in the entire country. Unemployment has increased and with it tyranny and injustice also increased. In addition to this, unspeakable torture has started on women. When people protest against it, they try to stop the people using state power. 

She condemned the use of state power to inflict such torture on people despite the lack of support from the people. 

She criticized the central government and said that a special session has been called after the end of the parliament session in August. But special session is called only when there is a food crisis or emergency like situation in the country.

The main reason behind calling the special session at this moment is that the ground has shifted under the government’s feet. 

She said that the government is worried about the India alliance. She also said that there has been a crisis of employment. Educated unemployed young men and women are earning five to six thousand rupees by working long hours day and night. Because they have no other option.

She said that there is no other way but to throw this government from the power. 

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