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Agartala: Despite Official ‘Raids’ High Price Of Raw Materials Remain Same

Common people are fed up with the tricks of skyrocketing price rise of unscrupulous lktraders in Agartala city.

 By increasing the price of raw materials the pockets of the consumers are being cut. And the enforcement team of the Sadar sub-divisional administration is allegedly doing photo sessions by going to the market day by day. So far no strict action has been taken against the unscrupulous traders in the market.

 These officials are working in front of media cameras by talking to dishonest businessmen with a bit of eye color. The enforcement team consists of DCM, Chief Inspector Food and many officials. Common people think that they are not able to control the price of goods by raiding the market. When they enter the market, the price of raw material starting from potato, onion in the market is reduced by ruppe 10 to 15 rupees. The same picture was seen on Tuesday.

On this day, they raided the Lake Chowmuhani market and said that the price of pota has increased from Rs20- 32. Price of onion is Rs 40 per. But the price of potato in the market is Tk 25-30 and the price of onion is is Rs 45 to 50. And this price was also observed in Maharajganj market on Tuesday.

These unscrupulous traders continue to misbehave if the buyers bargain. Same is the case with rice. Dishonest traders have increased the price of rice by Rs 10 to 15 per kilo. Traders could not show up at the Lake Choumuni market on Tuesday when they wanted to see ripe memu at wholesale prices. Therefore, the administration failed to pull the strings of skyrocketing commodity prices in the market.

On that day, when the enforcement team was negotiating the prices in Lake Choumhoni market, it was observed that the price of onion was Rs 35 to R 40 and the price of potato was Rs 20 to T22. But it is known that onion is bought wholesale for only Rs 30 to 35 per kilo and sold for Rs 45 to 50

And they are supported by some members of market committee. Due to which even the administrative officials went to the market and came back without amy action. . The common people had breathed a sigh of relief. Because the income of government employees has increased with time, but the income of the lower class people has not increased. 

So the ridiculous campaign of the administration is not working in the interest of the people. The market will not come under control if they can take drastic measures like carrying out raids in disguise. 

However, the enforcement team recovered a large quantity of plastic carry bags by raiding the market

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