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Agartala: E-Rickshaw Drivers Blocked Road Against Decision Of Traffic Police

E-rickshaw and TomTom drivers hold protest demonstration on Saturday as TomTom drivers are not allowed to enter in the Post Office Chowmuhani – Kaman Chowmuhani road in Agartala from Friday morning. 

The traffic police is not allowing to them to travel from the motor stand to Kaman Chowmuhani. 

With barricades, TomTom drivers are diverted through RMS Chowmuhani and Jackson gates. 

E-rickshaw and TomTom drivers blocked the road in Post Office Chowmuhani area around 11 am on Saturday in protest. 

They complained that they are not allowed to travel through this road, so they are in trouble with the passengers. 

Passengers do not want to board their e-rickshaws. On Friday, when they tried to talk to the acting SP of the traffic department, they were kept sitting till eight in the night.

But SP did not meet them. On the other hand, they came to know that the leader of Mazdoor Monitoring Cell, Imam Hossain, was called by the SP and imposed restrictions on the road from Post Office Chowmuhani to Kaman Chowmuhani for TomTom. 

Therefore, TomTom and e-rickshaw workers stages dharna on the streets as they cannot accept this anti-labor decision. 

Unable to hide his face anymore, Iman Hossain held a press conference at the Battala office and admitted the decision taken in the meeting with the SP. And he claimed in front of the camera that there was a conspiracy to mislead some workers and bring them to the streets. 

He also claimed that the government is creating confusion among the TomTom drivers by making such provocative statements. 

Finally, when the matter becomes complicated, the traffic police are also forced to move. Hastily summoned all the leaders among the besiegers to the West Agartala police station.  It has been decided in front of Sadar sub- divisional police officer that there will be a meeting of the transport department on the matter next Monday. Demands were made on behalf of the workers that after two months there is Durga Puja. Such a decision of the concerned department is nothing but a kick in the stomach of the TomTom and e-rickshaw drivers. This decision must be withdrawn by Monday. 

And they said those who were summoned in the SP office and such decisions were taken are not involved in driving these rickshaws. 

Later, before withdrawing the movement, the blockaders said that everyone should use this road, otherwise close this road for everyone. Governments are also established by the workers’ votes. 

This is what Tripura e-Rickshaw Sramik Sangha officials said and called off the blockade. 

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