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Agartala: Four Women From Bihar Arrested With Ganja

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Police of Collegetila outpost of Agartala arrested four women drug dealers along with ganja while smuggling.

On Sunday (September 17) at noon, the police arrested these four women from Jogendranagar railway station in the capital.

East Agartala Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Rana Chatterjee said, based on secret sources, Agartala Collegetila Outpost Officer-in-Charge (OC) Shyamal Debnath received information that ganja would be smuggled from Jogendranagar railway station. 

Based on this news, the OC himself reached Yogendra Nagar station with some women policemen.

A total of 36 packets of ganja were seized from four women who were passengers at the station during the search. The packets contained a total of 22 kg of cannabis.Its market value is around 4 lakh Indian rupees.

East Agartala police station OC Rana Chatterjee also said that during interrogation they said they are from Bihar.They came to Tripura to carry ganja. Their plan was to reach Bihar safely with ganja by train. 

All of them have been booked under the Narcotics Control Act. The OC said that efforts are being made to arrest others involved in them.

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