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Agartala: Govt Launched Fair Price Counter To Sell Onion, Potato

Black marketers did not show any kind of rectification even after the operation of the food department or the administration of Sadar sub-division in Agartala.

Loot through high price of raw materials including potatoes, onions, garlic is going on without paying any attention to the appeal of the government.

Finally, a counter for selling potatoes, onions and garlic in fair price was opened at Netaji Chowmuhani on Saturday.

Onion is selling for Rs 38 per kg. The Food Department informed that more such counters will be opened in Battala, Durga Chowmuhani, Lake Chowmuhani.

Despite having sufficient stock, a large section of businessesmen of the markets are looting the money of the buyers freely.

The Food Department and Sadar Sub-Divisional Administration have witnessed the incidents of charging high prices of onion, potato etc.

Threat have also been made in front of the media to take action against such businessmen. But the situation yet to change.

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