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Agartala: Man Arrested With 2 Kg Heroin At Land Custom Station

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Custom of Land Custom Station, Agartala arrested a person with 2 kg 23 gm heroin while entering Agartala from Bangladesh. 

Assistant Commissioner of Agartala Land Custom Station Abhyuday Guha said in a press release that on the basis of specific information received by the customs officials of the Integrated Check Post under the Agartala Custom Division, 2 kg 23 grams of heroin was recovered. 

The international market value of the recovered heroin would be around Rs 14 crore 16 lakh, he said

A person has also been arrested. He was arrested on Friday while entering Agartala through Akhaura, Bangladesh with a black suitcase. Customs has taken a case against him under NDPS section.

The press release also informed that after searching the person at the Agartala Integrated Check Post, two packets of 2023 grams i.e. 2 kg 23 grams of white powder were found in his suitcase wrapped with X-ray proof paper board. 

The press release claimed that the heroin was brought in such a way that it was impossible to detect it in any X-ray machine. Only due to proper planning and quick management, it was possible to confiscate those drugs. The arrested person has been sent to jail custody.

According to the report, the arrested person is a resident of Sarchip district of Mizoram. His name is Thomas. He came to Dhaka with the heroin by plane from Doha. From there he tried to enter Agartala by road. 

But, due to strict vigilance and quick handling of Customs at Agartala Integrated Checkpost, it was possible to arrest the person with heroin.

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