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Agartala: Patent Died Allegedly Wrong Treatment In Nursing Home. FIR Lodged

A patient allegedly due to wrong treatment in Nightengale Nursing Home in area of ​​Dhaleshwar in the capital Agartala.

Many patients’ families have complained against this nursing home earlier, which has grown like a frog’s umbrella.

But this time the complaint is very serious. A 40-year-old woman named Khuku Rani Roy was admitted to this nursing home on November 13 due to gallbladder stones and bile duct stones.  She belonged from Rajarbagh area of ​​Udaipur.

The nursing home authority assured that out-of-state doctors would come and surgically remove the patient’s gall bladder stone and bile duct stone.

Accordingly, the patient’s family agreed. The surgery was done at the nursing home on Tuesday at seven o’clock in exchange for Rs 1,30,000. The doctor on duty did not meet the patient’s family after the surgery. The patient’s family is allowed to see the patient once. The condition of the patient was very critical.

When the responsible health workers were spoken to, they told that the operation was successful. There is no reason to worry. After a while the patient will be able to speak. After midnight, the patient’s family again asks the health workers whether the patient will talk. But the patient’s family did not get any response from the nursing home authority .

As usual, the patient’s family leaves the nursing home and spends the night in a house near the nursing home.

Around four in the morning, some staff of the nursing home came to the house and started calling. They told to the patient’s family that the her condition is critical. Should be taken to GBP hospital. The patient’s family immediately rushed to the nursing home and noticed that Khuku Rani Roy already passed away. Even then, the health workers at the hospital were asking to take the patient to GBP Hospital.

But the patient’s family understood by then that the patient had died much earlier. After reporting to the police station, the police rushed to the spot.

According to the patient’s family complaint, the name of the doctor on duty was Dr. Amit Kumar Singh. More complaints were made that after the patient’s surgery, when they tried to contact the doctor on duty, they did not get a chance to speak. The patient’s family complained to the police that the patient died due to wrong treatment.

Later, the body was brought to the morgue of GBP Hospital. The body was handed over to the family on Wednesday after post-mortem.

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