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Agartala-Sabroom Demo Train Narrowly Escaped Major Accident

Sabroom bound demo train narrowly escaped a major rail accident.

According to the details of the incident, the demo train left Agartala for Sabroom at 10:50 am on Saturday.

But within a few minutes of the train leaving the Sekerkot to Bishalgarh midway, the trolley collided with the train as the bag of stones was inside the rail line. 

Passengers started screaming. The train got stuck in the middle of the road.

The passengers and the loco pilot got off the track and saw a trolley loaded with stones on the track. No passengers were injured in the collision but the train was damaged. 

Then the officials in charge of the Railway Board rushed from Agartala. Due to the irresponsibility of , a major accident could have occurred today, said the passengers.

Because Sabroom-bound trains travel through this rail line every day. Group D employees of the ministry are well aware of that. 

So the passengers demanded punishment against the accused involved in the incident. 

Hundreds of passengers in the train were panicked after this incident. 

Later they set off walking towards the bus stand.

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