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Agitation After Announcement Of BJP Candidate List In Tripura

After the announcement of BJP’s candidate list, the express of agitation started. The top leadership is not in control. The BJP office is being vandalized, the party office is empty. 

After the candidate list has been announced in the Chandipur mandal office of the BJP, the documents of the BJP office were set on fire by the party workers. 

Bhagwan Nagar BJP booth No. 42, Gaurnagar No. 41 booth office, Kaulikura booth office were vandalized.

A large number of police, paramilitary forces including TSR were deployed at the spot. 

Demonstration at BJP mandal office held in Kadmatla due to lack of preferred candidate. The party office became silent after the announcement of the candidate list. Ten booth offices were closed. 

Yadav Lal Nath has been included in BJP’s candidate list for Bagbasa assembly constituency. Campaign decorations were removed from the BJP party office amid intense anger among party workers. 

Meanwhile, Kamalasagar Mandal President Subir Chowdhury has been faithfully fulfilling the duties of Kamalasagar Mandal President for eight years. 

It is to be noted that long before the 2023 assembly elections, the people of the area or the ruling party BJP workers have chosen Kamalasagar as a local and qualified person for the 2023 assembly elections. Although that news is known up to the upper echelon.

In the meantime, the news has spread in the area that the current mandal president Subir Chowdhury is not getting ticket from Kamalasagar Assembly. 

As a result of which, chaos was seen in the Kamalasagar Assembly even before the announcement of the ruling BJP ticket. 

Some ruling party supporters have already taken to the streets. They said that if Subir Chowdhury is not given BJP ticket from Kamalasagar Assembly this year then party workers will join opposition party CPIM. 

Everyone in the area is saying that Subir Chowdhury should be given a ticket from Kamalasagar Assembly if he wants to contest the election from BJP this year. 

Even the activist supporters said that if Subir Chowdhury is given a BJP ticket from the Kamalasagar assembly, only then will the area blossom. Otherwise, opposition party CPI(M) will get extra mileage to win. 

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