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AIADMK Ends Alliance With BJP In Tamil Nadu

AIADMK on Monday (25 September) announced its separation from the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in a press conference at party headquarters in Tamil Nadu,

AIADMK has made this announcement at a time when only a few months are left in Lok Sabha Election 2024. 

AIADMK spokesperson Shasirekha told the media, “…based on the opinion of the members, we are taking this resolution (separation from the NDA)… This is the happiest moment for the AIADMK. We are looking forward to facing the upcoming elections. Very happy for, be it Parliament or Assembly elections…”

KP Munusamy, AIADMK’s deputy coordinator in Chennai, said, “AIADMK passed a resolution unanimously in the meeting. AIADMK is breaking all relations with BJP and NDA alliance from today. The state leadership of BJP has been continuously making unnecessary comments about our former leaders, our general secretary EPS and our workers for the last one year.

However, even after this step of AIADMK, BJP has not given up hope. 

While talking to news agency ANI, BJP leader CT Ravi said, “There are still 8 months left, what will happen in that, we cannot say today.” It is the duty of all workers to strengthen the party. Under the leadership of Annamalai ji, the work of strengthening the party is being done everywhere”.

At the same time, on Monday (September 25), when the media wanted to get a reaction from Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai regarding AIADMK’s announcement, he first said that he would talk later because he was on a trip. 

After some time he said, “The yatra is going on now and I have read the press statement given by them (AIADMK). Our national leadership will talk in this regard at the right time. I thank all the media persons. We have a protocol and our national leadership will speak at the right time.”

Congress leader Rashid Alvi has also reacted. He said, “This is a good step, if they (AIADMK) has understood the Bharatiya Janata Party and its ideology and has given the statement thoughtfully this is a very good step…”

Rashid Alvi further said, “BJP does not respect its alliance… Shiv Sena left (UBT), which is a big party in Maharashtra, it left Akali, which is a big party in Punjab, within UP. Many parties have left, come and then left again, so this one has been their alliance and giving their statement today means that what we constantly say about the Bharatiya Janata Party is that they do not care about their alliance. Don’t give respect. This is a big proof of this. 

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav said on this incident, “This is the issue of those people, we will not be able to say anything more in this. However, if seen in Tamil Nadu, DMK is very strong and the alliance of Congress and DMK is already very strong there. This is nothing new…”

Taking a dig at the BJP, he said, “Just a few days ago, a meeting of the NDA alliance was held, no result was found out of it, there was no agenda, the Prime Minister came empty handed, gave a sermon, the audience listened and the meeting ended. This is not the first such alliance of NDA which is coming out, in a way, if seen in South India, NDA has been a big ally, it has come out.

Tejashwi Yadav further said, “We feel that this will definitely cause huge loss to BJP, however, even before this you will see, Shiv Sena (UBT) was also out, JDU was out, Akali Dal was out… This is clearly showing that NDA has no meaning anymore, there is a dictator sitting there and two people are running the country”.

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