Alart! Covid Not Over…

Remember that we have only seen this virus in summer, the times when it was probably weaker, and its effect in winters remains to be tested. And a growing threat we are already witnessing is combination infections – where coronavirus is coming with dengue, typhoid and even cholera in a deadlier form. our lesson from the first wave of COVID-19 earlier this year – in severe healthcare crisis, global trade and alliances fail – and every country is practically left to itself. India must take this warning seriously and stockpile the necessary resources and medicines, provide training and protect healthcare workers which will be needed in the event of a second wave in winter. There will be a tight rope walking between maintaining economic activity and saving lives from infection. Government has to play this role, and also the opposition needs to be mindful not to get opportunistic and use the pandemic as a political bait. The cost of political gaming can be heavy in the coming months. We need to be cautious about over-relying on vaccines. Vaccines are slow – after all, they are given to perfectly healthy people and we need to ensure they do not cause side effects. Hence, they cannot be rushed into testing hence four-phase testing is followed. Statistically, nearly 19 out of 20 vaccines that show success in the first phase end up failing by the time they reach the last stage of the trial. Even if a vaccine does come by the end of this year – it would take several months for it to reach you. Even if you get it, there is no guarantee that it will be effective beyond a few months, as the virus is already showing the ability to mutate (alter its structure).

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