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Allegation Of Brutal Torture Against Deaddiction Center: Complaint Lodged

Allegation of brutal torture raised against a deaddicton centre namely Jeevan Jyoti Foundation. A woman Binapani Debnath from Dhaleshwar lodged a complaint against Jeevan Jyoti foundation and its owner Dibyendu Das. After filing a complaint on Saturday Binapani Debnath said:

“My grandson was addicted to Corex and foreign liquor. When it came to my knowledge, I shifted him to a De-addiction Centre named New Jeevan Jyoti Foundation’ located at Dukhli for his speedy recovery on July 30 last.”

“I found that my grandson was brutally tortured in the premises of that de-addiction centre. He was tortured so ruthlessly that his right leg has multiple injuries and cannot walk properly. Not only this, he was being stabbed with plastic water pipeline on his head several times”, she added.

She said “My grandson was brought back home after four months in December, 2021”. “I am here to take revenge on why my grandson was tortured physically and beaten so brutally. We don’t pay for physical torture”, the old woman told reporters.

“Recently i found a news item published in a local daily about a young boy from Charilam who also is a victim of this deaddiction center. He belongs from a poor family. I thought this is the right time to Lodge complaint against Dibyendu and his so called deaddiction center” added the woman.

She also alleged that this owner named Dibyendu is intoxicating himself sitting at his centre. At last, a case has been lodged against two persons who are the in-charges of this deaddiction centre Dibyendu
Das and Rabidhan Chakma”.

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