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Allegation Of New Born Exchange Against Health Staffs: Tension Erupted In IGM Hospital On Sunday

Allegation of baby exchange rises against the doctors and health workers of IGM Hospital this time. The baby’s family agitated at the hospital on Sunday afternoon for allegedly changing the newborn baby. 

The child’s family complained, that dead baby boy was shown after delivery. But while giving leave on Sunday, the IGM Hospital report mentions that Suryamani Hrishidas has given birth a baby girl. The woman’s family members talked to the hospital authorities about this matter.

But the health workers of the maternity ward were unable to give any good answer. They were informed that a dead baby boy had been born after delivery. 

But it is written in the paper that Suryamani Hrishidas has given birth to a daughter. According to the paper, the family members demanded to give them the baby girl. Suryamani Hrishidas’s husband Niranjan Hrishiidas said he brought his wife to IGM Hospital on Friday. 

On the same a dead baby boy was shown after delivery in the afternoon. However, the report mentions that his wife has given birth a baby girl. Family members of Suryamani, including her husband Niranjan, have accused of changing baby in the incident.

They demanded that their baby must hand over to them. The family decided to file a case with the police station as the hospital authorities did not give any satisfactory answer. 

Meanwhile, Suryamani came out from the maternity ward without any release papers. The whole incident erupted tension in IGM Hospital. 

Now question rising , is the allegation made by the child’s family really true? Or is the family of the deceased trying to grab any benefit through false allegation? However, such complaints from the baby’s family at the hospital created panic among other pregnant women. 

Because such allegations have recently come up from one or two more hospitals in the state. But the real question now is how much is being investigated?

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